Wine Tastings

We offer a wine tasting evening for your friends at just £20!

It’s a great evenings entertainment with a wide range of quality wines to taste at competitive prices.

We take orders on the evening with prompt delivery. All you need to provide is a fridge!

Works well after a dinner party – impress your friends.

We operate in the South East and the South East of London. If this sounds like a good nights entertainment (It usually takes about three hours), please do not hesitate to contact us to book.

The tastings can be arranged for Corporate events,a Club or Society event or for a group of Cheese and Wine enthusiasts who want an informal ,but informative evening.

Price per head is £20 - This figure can be adjusted with regard to the circumstances and following factors:

  1. The number of people wishing to attend the tasting.
  2. The distance to the location of the tasting.
  3. The number of wines to be shown at the tasting/event.

Please call and we can then discuss your requirements and agree on a price for the occasion.

Wine Tastings